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puppy swallows spoon: Vet Removes Silver Spoon From Pups Belly



[caption id="attachment_76752" align="aligncenter" width="634"]puppy swallows spoon puppy swallows spoon[/caption]X-Ray Shows Puppy Swallowed a Silver Spoon

Patrington, England - Diana Hamilton went to fix herself a cup of tea when she noticed that one of the silver spoons was missing from her cutlery. She also noticed the box of tea bags was on its side and her seven-month old Labrador Gypsy was behaving oddly.

Initially, Hamilton believed that the pub had swallowed a tea bag whole, but it turns out to have been something that imperiled the pup: a silver spoon. An x-ray at the pet clinic showed that Gypsy had managed to swallow the silver spoon entirely. An emergency operation had to be performed to extricate the eating utensil from her stomach.

'The pot in which I kept all the teabags had been tipped over, so I thought at first she had eaten a teabag,' said Ms Harman.

'It was then I noticed the spoon was missing from the pot. I do get the odd senior moments, but I knew it was in there before.

'I looked everywhere for it, under the bed, in the dish washing bowl, outside and in Gypsy’s bed.

'Gypsy seemed fine, but I began to wonder whether she could have swallowed it.'

Hamilton explained how she went about searching for the missing spoon in and around the kitchen and the garbage can. However, something began to tell her it might have been possible for the puppy to have swallowed it. Turns out her hunch was right.

'The vet joked he had heard of the saying 'born with a silver spoon in their mouth' but not going the other way,' said Ms Harman.

'She needed an emergency operation, as it could have ended in serious problems.

The operation lasted only one hour, but very likely saved Gypsy's life. Her owner explained that as the spoon would make its way through the intestinal tract, the sheer size of the spoon would likely have punched a hole in the intestines bleeding the poor pup out from the inside. Gypsy is doing fine now.

[caption id="attachment_76753" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Gypsy could have been at risk of death if vets weren't able to retrieve the spoon when they did   Read more:  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Gypsy could have been at risk of death if vets weren't able to retrieve the spoon when they did[/caption]

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puppy swallows spoon
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puppy swallows spoon

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