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Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in Derbyshire



[caption id="attachment_76760" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in Derbyshire Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in Derbyshire[/caption]Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in Derbyshire

A sinkhole has opened up in a field in a Peak District village field called Foolow in Derbyshire, England. Upon being measured the hole is determined to be a whopping 160 feet wide.

58 year old and Derbyshire native Caver Mark Noble was taking a leisurely stroll with his wife, Wendy, on Christmas Day when the couple spotted a giant hole gaping in a field. Noble said that he believes the hole to have began opening up the day before he and his wife spotted it. Noble says that he often explores this area and has ventured into the caves in the Foolow area that have been left behind from a past lead mine.

Noble has been quoted saying that the hole is getting bigger everyday, and he believes it has increased 10 percent in size since he found it. He has also said that although this new sink hole is very interesting, this area has seen two other sink holes very similar to this one open up in the past and it isn't exactly a new thing to the people who live in Foolow.

The path that is near the site of the sink hole has since been closed by the Derbyshire City Council.

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