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Inside America’s deadly fraternity revealed



Former Pledge of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Details Deadly Initiation Process
The fraternity known as Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) is not tied to a single college campus. Rather, it has a presence on 240 colleges and universities across Canada and the United States. Founded in 1856, the fraternity boasts 14,000 alumni and undergraduate students. Some alumni are captains of industry in the financial world.

However, over the past seven years, nine people have lost their lives in accidents related to their initiation process. In one notable instance in 2008, the family of Carson Starkey, who was studying at California Polytechnic State University, sued SAE for wrongful death when he died from a mixture of alcohol and spirits which he drank at their initiation ritual.

Now, a former pledge by the name of Justin Stuart of Maryland's Salisbury College details for Bloomberg News the initiation process which he described as something originating out of "Guantanamo Bay". It is not clear if Stuart has any actual experience at the Guantanamo Bay detention center which observes human rights. He said he was forced to wear women's clothes and nappies. He was compelled to drink until he passed out. He also had his behind paddled. All pledges had to endure a 9-hour stint in a dark room with no food or water while hearing German rock music at painfully high volumes.

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