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[caption id="attachment_73101" align="aligncenter" width="620"]legal marijuana pricing legal marijuana pricing[/caption]Legal Pot in Colorado Comes with High Price Tag

Now that purchasing marijuana even for recreational purposes is legal in the state of Colorado, individuals anxious to be among the first to purchase pot better come prepared with deep pockets.

That's because supply and demand is pushing prices higher than expected with an ounce of the now legal weed costing almost $400 before taxes. By comparison, marijuana made available to users who require it for medical purposes are paying about $250 per ounce before taxes. The state of Colorado has placed no pricing restrictions on the now legal drug.

Sellers who were marketing eighth-ounce bags on January 1 for $25 have now tripled the price to $75 since demand has been higher than anticipated. Many customers are hoping that the state legislature will roll back the special 10 percent sales tax that is attached to each purchase and retailers say that following the initial novelty
of making a pot purchase, marijuana prices will gradually decrease.

In order to purchase one ounce of marijuana, the buyer must be a legal resident of Colorado, with out of state customers limited to purchases of only one-quarter ounce. Original forecasts predicted that starting prices for one ounce of marijuana would hover around $185.

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legal marijuana pricing

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