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Olive Oil Used to Rescue Man Trapped in Washing Machine




olive_oilA man in northern Victoria, Australia, who attempted to play a joke on a friend by hiding naked in a washing machine found the joke was on him when he couldn't get out of the appliance. Police and emergency workers were called to the scene to determine the best way to extricate the man from his predicament. Although police officials report that the unidentified man was pretty solidly wedged inside the washing machine, rescue teams decided that a good dose of olive oil might do the trick to help free him.

"I really just wanted another beer," he told radio station Star FM when asked what went through his mind when he realised he was stuck.

"I thought 'oh I can easily fit in there because it's quite a large washing machine' but yeah, the way that I sat in with the legs crossed, I just couldn't move them to get back out," he said.

Rescuers applied a liberal amount of olive oil to the naked man's skin, then worked for about 20 minutes to carefully unstick his body from its wedged position. The man was unharmed, except for a bruised ego and bad case of embarrassment. The law enforcement officer in charge of the rescue operation advised fellow Australians to avoid climbing into any sort of appliance after seeing the consequences of what can happen that can turn a game into something dangerous and deadly. This washing machine rescue Down Under came just days after an 11-year old girl in America became stuck in a similar machine after playing hide and seek.

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Naked man rescued from washing machine with help of olive oil

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