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dog blows up owners house by chewing On Deodorant Can (PHOTO)



dog blows up owners house, chewing Deodorant Can

[caption id="attachment_77521" align="aligncenter" width="615"]dog blows up owners house, chewing Deodorant Can dog blows up owners house, chewing Deodorant Can[/caption]Puppy Teething on Deodorant Can Causes House Fire

A Greyhound mix puppy by the name of Zeus chose the wrong item recently for teething. When the dog began chewing on a can of Lynx deodorant, the contents spilled out and caused an explosion when it came into contact with heat from a nearby lamp in his owner's home. £2,000 of damage was caused by the explosion, but luckily the naughty Zeus, along with five other pets that were living in the home, escaped shaken but unharmed. The resulting explosion not only set fire to a living room couch, it also blew out windows in the living room and caused holes in the floorboards.

Kerry Leech, the owner of the dog, was not at home when the incident happened, but was accompanying her partner to the grocery store. When she received a text message from a neighbor about an explosion at her home, the couple rushed back to find fire engines and emergency crews in front of their home.

Kerry told The Mirror: “We were out in the car when we received texts saying our house had been blown up, then we were told the living room window had blown out.

“I was panicking about our pets and rushed back. We saw flashing lights, two fire engines were outside the house and the street was blocked off.

“We thought someone had put something through the letter-box or there had been a gas explosion.”

Although investigators first assumed that a leaking gas pipe likely caused the explosion, it wasn't until they discovered the can of deodorant with dog teeth marks on it that they determined this house fire was caused by a dog.

Mr Heckler said: ‘I didn’t even know we had a can of Lynx in the living room. It was a Christmas present from Kerry’s parents and was in a gift box right next to the fire and back boiler.’

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