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Chinese Man executed for keeping female slaves



[caption id="attachment_78213" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Li Hao, Chinese Man, Executed For Keeping Women As Sex Slaves In Dungeon Li Hao, Chinese Man, Executed For Keeping Women As Sex Slaves In Dungeon
[/caption]Man executed for keeping female slaves

Beijing, China- On Tuesday, China went forward with executing a man that had been convicted of keeping six women hostage as his own sex and murder slaves. Li Hao, a 36 year old clerk at the Luoyang technical supervision bureau, built a basement dungeon away from his home where his wife and eight month old child resided.

In 2011, Li Hao was convicted of rape, murder, and illegal detention, prostitution, and manufacturing poornography for profit. He lured the women to this place from massage parlors, salons, and karaoke bars. Beyond his repeated rapings, Li Hao forced the women to appear in live webcast and have sex with his "customers." In 2012, he was sentanced to death and fined 10,000 Yuan($1640 US)

Two of the women were killed in captivity when the executed forced three of the women to murder them.

The Huff Post adds:

The two women who died were killed by three of the others on Li's instructions, and were also found guilty of murder, according to Xinhua, which said they were shown leniency. One of the women, whose surname was given as Duan, was found to have killed both women and sentenced to three years in prison, while the other two were put on probation, Xinhua said.

These women were convicted of the murders but shown leniency by the courts considering the situation. One of these women, only known by her surname of Duan, received three years in prison for her participation in the murders.

China currently executes the most people in the world. Normally used for violent offenders, such as Li Hao, they also use this punishment for some non-violent crimes such as drug trafficking.

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Li Hao, Chinese Man, Executed For Keeping Women As Sex Slaves In Dungeon

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