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Snorting Smarties – Drug SImulation or Silly Dare? (VIDEO)



Snorting Smarties - Drug SImulation or Silly Dare?

[caption id="attachment_78222" align="aligncenter" width="343"]Snorting Smarties - Drug SImulation or Silly Dare? Snorting Smarties - Drug SImulation or Silly Dare?
[/caption]The trend of snorting Smarties has created quite a stir in several schools and online. Parents are warned that kids have been crushing the candy into a powder and using straws or rolled paper to then snort it. Why? Mostly, they egg each other on based on dares, because the act of snorting Smarties burns.

However, doctors warn of possible nasal infections, allergic reactions, and even nasal maggots caused by leftover sugar in the nasal cavity after the snorting has occurred. Beyond these concerns, school officials are taking a hard stance against the activity, as it simulates drug-related activity.

It is likely the intention of the activity is not drug-related and merely for cheap thrills, and there is no "high" associated with it. However, parents are urged to watch for signs of snorting and address it with their children.

The trend is also seen in several YouTube videos, allowing it to go viral and spread across the US, and possibly world, very quickly.

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