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Chobham tornado Lifts Feral Cats Into The Air



[caption id="attachment_78403" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Chobham tornado Chobham tornado[/caption]"Mini Tornado" in Chobham Lifts Feral Cats into the Air

Storms swept through towns and villages in Surrey and Sussex in southern Britain yesterday around 5PM. These storms were described as "mini tornadoes" by eyewitness accounts, and were characterized heavy rain, hailstones, and wind that was "to the point of lifting roofs".

Eyewitnesses reported many damaged possessions due to the strong storm, including damage to cars, homes, and local gardens. One witness, Darran Jaques, described ripped down scaffolding and damaged shop fronts in northeast Surrey. Another witness, Pam Steadman, noted parts of her equestrian center as being lifted over trees at the bottom of her garden. In addition to the damage to properties, the major storm caused widespread power outages throughout the region, totaling almost 13,000. Downed trees and fallen power lines were also reported.

Perhaps the most astounding part of the storm is the effect on the feral cats. Shirley Blay, of Chobham, saw four cats caught in the storm being tossed around "like a big paper bag" as they hovered roughly 6 feet off the ground. Thankfully, none of the cats were injured.

Though the effects of the storm may be widespread, and the damages great, no injuries or deaths were reported during the incidents.

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