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Nirbheek: A Pink Hand Gun For Women



[caption id="attachment_78399" align="aligncenter" width="374"]Nirbheek: A Pink Hand Gun For Women Nirbheek: A Pink Hand Gun For Women[/caption]India Markets Pink Handgun to Women

You can't blame the government of India for not attempting to come up with new solutions to combat rape and violence against women. The country's goverment owend India Ordinance Factory has produced a light-weight ladies sized hand gun. The 500 gram 32 caliber hand pistol called the Nirbheek was made for smaller hands and smaller storage spaces such as a ladies purse. To make it a little more appealing to the women, it's pink and will be sold in a jewelry case.

The gun was given it's unique name after the victim of a gang rape victim. This idea isn't unique to India. The United States amble gun producers have been creating woman friendly guns for years. While both sides of the gun debate will continue to argue about whether this tactic does anything to curb violence against women, it is at least a sign that the state realizes that a problem exists.

The Nirbheek pistol will cost 122,360 rupees which equals over nearly $2,000 American and over 1,100 pounds. In a preliminary report about 80 percent of the gun orders are being placed by women consumers.

Whether your are pro or anti-gun it is easy to see that the leaders of India are more than aware that violence against women must stop.

[caption id="attachment_78400" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Bihar: Patna women rush to book Nirbheek revolver Bihar: Patna women rush to book Nirbheek revolver

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