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Boy dies saving fire: Tyler Doonhan saves six dies helping uncle (photo)



[caption id="attachment_78266" align="aligncenter" width="634"]tyler doohan, 8 dies saving family from fire tyler doohan, 8 dies saving family from fire[/caption]Boy Rescues Six But Dies Trying to Save Disabled Uncle

An eight-year old boy in upstate New York managed to save six relatives from a home after he woke up to discover the house was on fire, but perished after a final attempt to rescue his disabled uncle. Tyler Doohan managed to awaken six other family members, including two small children, to help them escape the smoke-filled mobile home located in Penfield, but made the fatal decision to go back inside the burning building in an attempt to save his disabled uncle.

Fire fighters on the scene say that they found the youngster's lifeless body near the foot of the bed of his uncle, who also perished in the early morning blaze. The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined and it is not known if a malfunctioning space heate[caption id="attachment_78267" align="aligncenter" width="306"]tyler doohan, 8 dies saving family from fire tyler doohan, 8 dies saving family from fire[/caption]r may have been involved since the eastern half of the nation has been experiencing record-numbing cold temperatures.

Officials report that Tyler was a guest at the home and lived with his mother in nearby East Rochester. Mom Crystal Vrooman said she was extremely proud of her son's heroic efforts to save his uncle from the flames, but expressed grief that doing so cost him his life.

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