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Gastronomic Voyeurism Latest Internet Trend



[caption id="attachment_78537" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Gastronomic Voyeurism Latest Internet Trend Gastronomic Voyeurism Latest Internet Trend
[/caption]Internet users in South Korea who watch other people consume food online is a growing trend that has been named Gastronomic Voyeurism. One thirty-something woman even left her former job in order to sit in front of a webcam for at least three hours a day while other people online watch her eat. Known as "The Diva", Park Seo-yeon admits she is raking in more than $9,000 every month for providing other people with the vicarious pleasure of watching her dine.

While The Diva is eating, those viewing her are able to carry on a conversation with her, sending her virtual balloons that represent a cash donation. The Diva suggests that people who are currently on a diet, who don't like to dine alone or who are just fascinated by the act of watching other people eat are among the many viewers driving the Gastronomic Voyeurism trend. It is estimated that in Korea, the fastest growing segment of the population are those who live alone. Being able to consume their own meals while watching The Diva consume food on her own table, is one way to help those singles feel less lonely and alone when it's time to eat dinner.

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This lady earns more than $9,000 a month by eating food in front of a webcam

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