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Calling All Canadian Men: Father Offers $130M To Wed Gay Daughter Gigi Chao



Calling All Canadian Men: Man Offers $130M To Wed Gay Daughter

[caption id="attachment_78731" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Calling All Canadian Men:  Man Offers $130M To Wed Gay Daughter Calling All Canadian Men: Man Offers $130M To Wed Gay Daughter[/caption]Billionaire's gay daughter: Wealthy Tycoon Ups Dowry Offer to Any Man Who Can Win His Lesbian Daughter's Hand in Marriage
Hong Kong, China - Sometimes father doesn't know what's best and that is likely the case for a wealthy Chinese tycoon who desperately wants to see his openly gay daughter happily marriage. Hasn't anyone told him money can't buy love? Cecil Chao seems to think so and has increased his 2012 dowry offer of $65 million to an astounding prize of $130 million for the man who can win his daughter's hand in marriage.

The trouble is that his daughter, Gigi Chao, is already married, but to a woman. She married her longtime partner and lover in France, but the marriage is not yet recognized in China. She works in her father's real estate business and loves her dearly. In fact, she took his initial gesture in 2012 as a sign of his parental concern for her. He made the offer after learning of her gay marriage.

As for the latest offer. She says she's open minded to a man vying for her affections. However, he would have to clear some hurdles first. He must make substantial donations to her "Faith in Love" charity. In addition, he would have to accept both her and her wife. Would that make her suitor a bigamist?

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Man Offers $130M To Wed Gay Daughter

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