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50% Of Smartphone Users Admit to “Sexting”



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[caption id="attachment_75122" align="aligncenter" width="639"]50% Of Smartphone Users Admit to "Sexting" 50% Of Smartphone Users Admit to "Sexting"[/caption]

The software firm, McAfee, known their virus protection software, recently uncovered some interesting facts about cell phone usage among consenting adults. The firm performed a recent survey and study for a report about love and relationships in the use of technology. As it turns out a lot of smartphones are being used for more than just phone calls and fun apps.

The recently released results of their report revealed that half of adults have used their smartphones to send or receive sexual images or texts. Not only are users sending intimate photos and messages to their significant others; 16% of users have sent those messages to complete strangers. 14% of users used actual video to record and send sexual content.

One of the most worrisome results of these trends is that the smartphone users who are using their technology in this way are being careless with the security of their device. Nearly 40% of those surveyed admit that they have shared their device's password with others and another 20% admitted that they have spied on their partner's social media and text activity using their smartphone.

You would think celebrities would be the most protective of their cell phones but stars such as David Duchovney, Tiger Woods, Kanye West, Brett Favre, Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Weiner are all public figures that could advise smartphone users to stash intimate photos and conversations away more securely.

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