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Mum posts awful RSVP Note To Gay Dads: Wont Subject Child To Gay Lifestyle



Mum posts awful RSVP Note To Gay Dads

[caption id="attachment_79617" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Mum posts awful RSVP Note To Gay Dads Mum posts awful RSVP Note To Gay Dads[/caption]Mum posts awful RSVP note to gay dads: RSVP Posted on the Internet

Baldwin, New York - A gay couple received an RSVP from the mother of a boy named Tommy informing them he would not be attending their daughter Sophia's 7th birthday party and tie dye event. Fair enough. However, the woman did what is colloquially referred to in the hood as opening her mouth and revealing her ignorance. The woman wrote that she would not allow Tommy to attend the party because she disapproves of their lifestyle choice and does not want to adversely affect her son's innocence by having him watch them carry on in their "lifestyle". She expressed sorrow for Sophia having to be raised this way. She left an open invitation for them to speak with her and attached her cell phone to the note.

The couple submitted the RSVP to their local radio station which posted in on the radio station's Facebook page. No one is disputing the mother's right to teach her child her beliefs against homosexuality. However, she did not have to be condescending and disrespectful. Prior to posting the message, the radio station asked for her permission to make her phone number public and she consented. Apparently, she feels like she is on a mission and would like to convert others to her provincial mindset.

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Mum posts awful RSVP note to gay dads

Mum posts awful RSVP note to gay dads: Two gay dads receive shocking reply on the RSVP to their daughter's seventh birthday party

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