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Former Chinese Newspaper Editor Savagely Attacked with Meat Cleaver – Supporters Decry Intimidation of Free Press



Hong Kong, China - Ming Lau is the former editor of the reputable Ming Pao newspaper which post he occupied in 2012. During his short stint as the editor, he oversaw investigative reports into the Communist government's violations of human rights and corruption scandals involving government officials. However, after a short time on the job, the 49-year-old seasoned reporter-editor was replaced by management at Ming Pao with a flunky from Malaysia with no prior experience as a reporter in China. Lau was subsequently transferred to the electronic publishing unit of the newspaper.

Now, there are confirmed reports that Lau was brutally attacked by an unknown assailant on a motor cycle. The man was said to wear a crash helmet and struck Lau three times from behind with a meat cleaver. Two of the wounds were in his back and are said to be deep. The third wound was to his legs. The attacker then sped off on his motorcycle. Police are asking the general public for information about the suspect. It was only this past Sunday that protests were held decrying what is believed to be state-sponsored intimidation of the free press. Lau himself was very vocal in his denouncement of corruption and human rights abuses. In a show of solidarity, some businesses were pulling advertisements from newspapers in protest of Lau's dismissal.

Obviously, the concern on some people's minds is that the attack was not random, but rather orchestrated as a means of intimidating anyone else who might be considering stories critical of the government. The Hong Kong Journalists Association expressed their outrage over Lau's attack and called it an affront to the freedom of the press operating in Hong Kong. As for Mr. Lau, he remains in critical condition following the attack. Police have not officially determined the motive for the assault.


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