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China Knife Attack Ends With 33 Dead



Terrorists May Be Behind Chinese Knife Massacre - 33 Dead
Kunming, China - Local officials are laying blame on separatists for the savage murder spree carried out by knife wielding assailants in this city of 6.4 million inhabitants in Southern China. The sheer scope of the attack has left the world's most populous nation shocked by the scope and savagery of the incident. President Xi Jinping has issued condolences to the families of the 33 murder victims and vowed to use all resources to bring those responsible to justice. He has promised that the treatment to be meted out to the perpetrators will be "severe".

At the time of the incident, police were able to shoot and kill four of the men and a fifth one is currently a fugitive of justice. One survivor by the name of Yang Haifei was at the local train station purchasing a ticket when he saw men appear wearing black clothing. One of the killers came at him with a long knife. Despite Haifei's efforts to escape, he took knife wounds in his chest and back, but thankfully survived. He said that people who were unable to run fast became easy prey for the killers.

The scenes of the massacre are morbid with bodies lying in veritable pools of blood. Yang Ziqing, another survivor, was awaiting a train with her husband when the attackers came at them. She managed to find refuge, but she is stricken with panic over the whereabouts of her husband who hasn't responded to her phone calls. Officials are claiming that the unprecedented attack bears the marks of being carried out by Islamic separatists from the Xinjiang province. Muslims from that remote province bordering Russia have long sought independence from China and the establishment of a Muslim state. It should be noted that thus far no one from the Xinjiang separatist movement has claimed responsibility for the attack.



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