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lawyer throws ink at tycoon in India



[caption id="attachment_80821" align="aligncenter" width="650"]lawyer throws ink at tycoon lawyer throws ink at tycoon[/caption]

Indian tycoon gets splattered with ink at billion dollar fraud trial


The going in court got even tougher this week for Rubrata Roy, Sahara Indian chieftain accused of multi-billion dollar fraud. When entering the New Delhi Supreme Court building, Roy was covered in ink thrown on his face by a disgruntled lawyer. Before being subdued, the ink thrower shouted that Roy was a thief who had cheated and robbed "us."

The lawyer was identified as Manoj Sharma by Indian television stations. Police took him into custody and took him away. He was protesting the Indian tycoon's well-known, and alleged, failure to return $3.2 billion in illegal bond purchases to investors.

Meanwhile, Roy has become known for opulent purchases along with owning a Formula One team and top Indian cricket squad. He also owns New York City's iconic Plaza Hotel and Grosvenor House in London. His total assets are estimated at $11 billion.

Former investors owed money have become very angry at delays in repayment and what they view as favorable treatment by the courts of Roy. He continues to stay in luxury guest houses and is taken to court in a luxury sedan with six-car police escort. Many of his investors who were poor Indians, some of whom lost life savings.


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