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Rachel Canning Sues Parents: “Gross Disrespect” Says Judge



[caption id="attachment_80950" align="aligncenter" width="464"]Rachel Canning Sues Parents: Rachel Canning Sues Parents:[/caption]Teen Suing Parents for Child Support Allegedly Loses First Round

Morristown, New Jersey - Reports are being made that smug faced Ms. Rachel Canning, the 18-year-old suing her parents for child support, has lost round one of her high profile lawsuit which has captured nationwide attention. It is said she lost round one because the president judge in the case, Judge Peter Bogaard, denied her request for emergency aid.

He also castigated her for what he termed was "gross" parental disrespect when he listened to her profanity laced tirade she recorded on her parent's answering machine.

Judge Bogaard was astonished at the young lady's brazen disregard for her parents and stated such an incident is foreign in his own home.

He read a wildly disrespectful, expletive-laced voice mail Rachel left for her mom.
“Have you ever seen a young adult show such gross disrespect to a parent in a voice mail?” Bogaard said. “ I don’t see it in my house.”

However, did Ms. Canning really suffer a setback? For starters, Bogaard still let her precedent setting case proceed forward with the next hearing set for April 22.

According to the New York Post, Rachel’s lawyer, Tanya Helfand, said the couple hadn’t lifted a finger to contact their daughter or make sure she’s doing OK.

“She is lucky to have her benefactors,” Helfand said of the family caring for Rachel.

“Her relationship with her parents is abusive, in particular her relationship with her father. I’m asking the court to help this vulnerable young woman.”

In court papers, Rachel said her mom has called her fat, while her dad has been “inappropriately affectionate with me.”

“He mentioned frequently that my relationship, in his eyes, was not one of a daughter, but more than that,” Rachel contends.

She stopped short of saying he never touched her unlawfully.

The fact that the case even goes forward will ensure that similar cases get filed in the future.

It is a startling notion that children can defy their parents, leave home, and then demand what some call child support. However, in the case of Rachel Canning, she's already a legal adult so the term child support doesn't fit. The more appropriate term is "alimony" from the Latin word for "support". Also in castigating her, did the judge unwittingly set the stage for an appeal based on his bias?

Rachel Canning sues parents

Rachel Canning sues parents


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