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The men with the abs save the day



It happened in the Las Vegas strip, in a club. A popular male revue were doing their thing and someone was trying to steal personal affects from the boys. The intruder was backstage in the club attempting to steal and he got ambushed.

The male revue that is known as "Thunder Down Under" were putting on their normal show and some guy, by the name of "John Doe", was trying to steal a majority of personal items from the Australian members. The man is known to be in his 20's. The main thing that tipped the people off was that he was in a restricted area.

He went back into this area around 9:30 pm, while many of the performers were still onstage. While he was backstage, he was observed by several onlookers, including other members of the show. Some of the show personnel tried to confront him when they caught him stealing many valuable items. Members of the male strip revue began finishing up some of their routines and made their way backstage. They also noticed him and began to tackle. Soon after, they dragged him outside.

It was then things got ugly. The intruder whipped out a gun and a struggle began. The man in his early 20's did fire the gun, but luckily, no one was injured. One of the club performers did get powder burns and had to be treated at the scene. But for the most part, no long-term damage was done.

Once the security found him, they held him at the club until the police arrived to take statements. It was reported that while taking statements, the cops found out the young man was high on meth. But at this point it's just speculation and there is no concrete evidence to support this.

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