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Delta Settles with Crippled Man They Forced to Crawl on the Ground



Delta Airlines hasn't exactly earned itself a reputation for top notch customer service as anyone who's had to change a flight or tried to redeem skymiles for a one-way flight has found out.

However, the airline outdid themselves on July 2012 when they ignored the advanced requests of a disabled man who has lost partial use of his legs twelve years earlier in a car accident.

The man is a professor and arrived at the airplane gate to board a flight from Hawaii to Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

Delta Airlines had neither a wheelchair nor lift available for the man to board the flight. He was told he would have to pull himself across the floor to board the flight. Not a single crew member assisted him. Professor Baraka Kanaan explained that besides the humiliation of the experience, the act of crawling across the floor caused him spinal and thoracic pain. He again phoned the airline ahead of his return flight to avoid the same scenario, but again arrived to face the same situation. In their infinite goodness, the airline offered him 25,000 skymiles and a $100 voucher for his trouble. He did one better: he hired a lawyer.

Now, it is reported that the airline has agreed to pay him a substantial, but undisclosed sum of money.


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