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Police Break Up Prep School Drug Ring – Arrest 9



[caption id="attachment_83044" align="aligncenter" width="304"]Police Break Up Prep School Drug Ring - Arrest 9 Police Break Up Prep School Drug Ring - Arrest 9
[/caption]Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - The drug trade at some of the best colleges and universities in this metropolis of nearly 1.6 million people is thriving. The drug trade also spills into high schools and not necessarily run down inner city schools, but rather upscale prep schools. It turns out that an ambitious pair of men have been arrested as the ring leaders along with their workers. They are Neil Scott, age 25, and Timothy Brooks, age 18. Now, their goal of being the top drug dealers has gone up in a smoke. In total, 9 have been arrested.

They have been charged with marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and hash oil distribution. They had a name for their business objective which they dubbed as "Main Line Take-Over Project". In local parlance, the "main line" refers to the upscale towns and cities in the Metro-Philadelphia area. The ringleaders imported their marijuana from California so their drug trade crossed state boundaries. They had several helpers to distribute drugs to high-schools one of which was their alma mater, the prestigious Haverford High School. As anyone who has seen Dwayne Johnson's 2013 film "Snitch" well knows, the men face federal mandatory minimum sentences which tend to be administered in chunks of ten years unless they start ratting out bigger players. The attorney for Scott is not sure how those harsh sentencing guidelines will play out. It is highly recommended he watch the film and get up to speed.

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