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765lb Charity Pierce in race to marry young lover (PHOTO)



765lb Charity Pierce in race to marry young lover huffington

[caption id="attachment_83357" align="aligncenter" width="650"]765lb Charity Pierce in race to marry young lover huffington 765lb Charity Pierce in race to marry young lover huffington[/caption]
In the quiet little town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Charity Pierce, a woman who weighs an astonishing 600 pounds, is faced with the task of losing a whopping 200 pounds in a short period of time.

The reason why Ms. Pierce is in such a hurry to lose the weight in a traditional way, is because she needs to be under 400 pounds to medically qualify for the procedure known as gastric bypass surgery. Pierce is quite confident that the rapid weight loss and gastric bypass surgery, both together, are her only options to confidently continue her current relationship with her remarkably handsome, 21-year-old boyfriend. The couple have plans which include, someday, a wedding.

Pierce's boyfriend, Tony Sauer is happy with with his girlfriend, no matter how heavy or overweight she happens to be. The idea to undergo gastric bypass surgery was entirely Pierce's idea and not her boyfriends. The couple were star struck lovers even before they knew it. At the age of 8, Sauer got to meet Pierce, at her young age of 25. For years the two didn't stay connected, then fate brought the two together three years ago.

It turns out, that in fact, Pierce's history with Sauer's family gets quite interesting. Pierce has an 18-year-old daughter, of whom was produced by Tony Sauer's older brother, Jimmy. Although this makes things complicated, the couple has managed to work everything out and is on the straight track to marriage. The only thing that's preventing the couple from tying-the-knot is both pending forms of weight loss, and the fact that Pierce doesn't want to be married at home. The only way that morbidly obese Pierce will get married, is if she can lose enough weight to be walked down the aisle at the church of her choice.


765lb Charity Pierce in race to marry young lover: huffington

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