Lindsay Lohan Living With Mother: Returns To Childhood Home

Lindsay Lohan Returns To Childhood Home
Lindsay Lohan Returns To Childhood Home
Lindsay Lohan returns to Childhood Home

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is reported to have returned to her childhood home in Long Island after failing to pay the rent on her home in Beverly Hills; sources claim the star is sharing her childhood home with her mother, Dina and has moved back into the room she occupied as a teenager. Despite working in Hollywood for most of her life it is reported The Parent Trap star has never bought a home, car or furniture and has nothing to show for her years of fame.

Lohan had been renting an $8,000 per month home in Beverly Hills and attempted to rent an apartment from property tycoon Donald Trump, but failed to come up with the required money. Personal appearances are the only source of income Lohan is reported to have presently and is being chased by tax authorities for an unpaid tax bill of around $234,000.

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