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Katie Holmes “open” to idea of more kids



[caption id="attachment_63728" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Katie Holmes "open" to idea of more kids Katie Holmes "open" to idea of more kids[/caption]Katie Holmes “Allure” Still There

The April edition of Allure magazine, which will hit newsstands on March 26th, features Katie Holmes looking as beautiful, and at peace with herself as she has in some time, while posing in some sexy swimwear.

She credits her mother and her grandmother as her role models when it comes to aging gracefully, and says her beauty tip advice to her daughter Suri will be, “to find happiness in everything.”

Holmes told Allure during her interview that she hopes this coming year will be a peaceful year for a lot of people, following the tragedies of 2012, and that she is considering following in the footsteps of her father and brother by possibly becoming an attorney saying, “I like the practical thinking of attorneys.”

As for what she felt about her Broadway play "Dead Accounts" Holmes says she was just grateful for the experience.

"I was open to –- well, to whoever wanted me," she explains of accepting the role. "But it was always my goal to make it back to the stage."

When asked if she would like to one day give Suri a little brother or sister, Holmes said she would be "open" to the idea.

"I don't know," she said. "I'm open to it."

She is also hoping for this coming year to be a calmer one for her, following all the drama of last year’s divorce from Tom Cruise, which was finalized in July.

"I'm hoping to find other things that make me feel good about myself," Holmes says in a video from the photo shoot, adding to the magazine, "I hope this is a peaceful year for a lot of people in the world. When you look back on the last year, there were a lot of tragedies -- Hurricane Sandy, the Connecticut shooting. I just hope it's a good year for everyone."

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