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Duggars Adoption: “God’s Will”



Duggars Adoption: "God's Will"

[caption id="attachment_64153" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Duggars Adoption: "God's Will" Duggars Adoption: "God's Will"[/caption]Duggars May Add to Brood of 19 Kids By Adopting

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, whose family already includes 19 children, say they have recently been praying to God to give them direction about whether or not to adopt even more children.

The family is already the subject of a reality show on The Learning Channel and 45-year old mom Michelle admits that they have so much love in their hearts for children, they are keeping an open mind about enlarging their family by adopting one or two more if they believe it's "God's will."

“We are open to the idea of adoption,” the TLC reality star mom, 45, told People. “We are praying about it, and we will see what God has in store. Love for children has been placed on our hearts.”

“The kids are definitely pushing towards wanting us to open our home up to another child or more,” Michelle added. “They see how much we have been blessed with and how little so many children have and they want to share.

The Duggars recently visited China and toured orphanages in that country, which may have triggered them to start thinking about adopting a child from another country.

Josh Duggar, their oldest child at 25, is married and has announced that he and his wife are expecting their third child this summer.

Mrs. Duggar says that the rest of the children are on board with the idea of adding to their brood with an adopted child or two because they all feel that the Duggar family has been extremely blessed and cared for, despite the expense that comes with having 19 children, ranging in age from 3 years to 25. Michelle Duggar's last attempt at bearing a child in 2011 resulted in miscarriage.

“We are open to whatever is in store,” she said. “It doesn’t really matter whether I would have another child or we would adopt, but we want to approach it with an open heart.”

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