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Cyclist Peter Sagan Says Sorry For Bum Pinch (VIDEO)



[caption id="attachment_64398" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Cyclist Peter Sagan Says Sorry For Bum Pinch Cyclist Peter Sagan Says Sorry For Bum Pinch [/caption]Cyclist Apologizes for Pinching Podium Girl's Bottom

One of the world's top cyclist's has been forced to issue an apology for his actions during Sundays' victory ceremony at the end of the Ronde of Flanders Classic cycle race.

As is usual the winner of the race, Fabian Cancellera stood on the podium and was flanked by a podium girl on each side who leaned in to kiss him on the cheek as he celebrated his victory.

Slovakia's Peter Sagan who finished second caused outrage as he pinched the rear of podium girl Maja Leye instead of watching respectfully as the winner posed for the traditional winning kiss pictures.

The following storm has seen Sagan accused of sexual harassment in some quarters of the press and on social media sites, and has seen calls for podium girls to be dropped from post race ceremonies.

Laura Beck of Jezebel wrote:

“Even if a woman’s job is to wear a short dress and hand out shiny awards to men, it doesn’t mean anyone has a right to anything else from her. Sagan crossed the line, a line that should be VERY clear, and his ass should be punished. In a world that wasn’t the sexist worst, this s*** would be handled with a team suspension and extensive training for Sagan on how to be a human being. Instead he’ll probably be high-fived by a bunch of his pals for violating a woman, and th-th-that’s all, folks.”

In response to those criticizing his actions Sagan issued a video through social media site Twitter in which he apologized for his actions and claimed he did not mean to disrespect women.

As the criticism continued a second video message was uploaded to Sagan's Facebook page that repeated his apology and made promises not to act in a similar way at any future victory ceremonies.

In the video, he admitted, "I never should have done it. I am so sorry and I hope Maya and anyone else I have offended knows how sorry I am and accepts my apology. I promise to act more respectfully in future."

Chceck out cyclist Peter Sagan's apology video below.

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