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Demi Lovato Tweet: Singer Goes Without Makeup, Encourages Others To Follow



Demi Lovato lung Infection: Demi Lavoto Feeling Much

[caption id="attachment_64576" align="aligncenter" width="599"]Demi Lovato Tweet: Singer Goes Without Makeup, Encourages Others To Follow Demi Lovato Tweet: Singer Goes Without Makeup, Encourages Others To Follow[/caption]Demi Lovato Goes from Topless to Makeup-Less on Twitter

Twenty year old Demi Lovato, whose fourth studio album features a topless Lovato covered in glitter, has released a photograph of herself without any makeup.

In her tweet, she encouraged other women to do the same thing; her fans responded by tweeting pics of themselves without any makeup. Lovato responded back to fans with compliments about their beauty.

For her part, Lovato's no-makeup picture reveals beautiful dark hair, a lightly freckled complexion with rosy red cheeks and bright red lips. Indeed, with such natural beauty, who need's makeup? Lovato also announced she signed up for another season as a judge on the hit show "X Factor".

She stated she enjoyed her time on the show and looks forward to another season. Lovato joined the show last season alongside Britney Spears. At the time, Spears was the bigger headline and drew a reported $15 million for the one-year deal compared to Lovato's $1 million salary.

However, Lovato proved to be the fan favorite and was invited back for another season while Spears was not. Simon Cowell said of Lovato that he enjoyed working with her even though at times she could be "annoying". Her new CD, entitled "DEMI", is due out in music stores on May 14.

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Demi Lovato No Makeup: Singer Tweets Fans To 'Stop Using Filters,' Looks Gorgeous Au Naturel (PHOTO)

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