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Josh Hamilton’s Wife Called Security, Concerned About Unruly Fans



Josh Hamilton's Wife Called Security, Concerned About Unruly Fans

[caption id="attachment_64622" align="aligncenter" width="242"]Josh Hamilton's Wife Called Security, Concerned About Unruly Fans Josh Hamilton's Wife Called Security, Concerned About Unruly Fans[/caption]Josh Hamilton's Wife Called Security During Opening Day

Opening Day for the start of the Texas Ranger's 2013 season turned a little ugly for the family of former Ranger Josh Hamilton.

Some Texas Ranger fans voiced their displeasure over Josh Hamilton leaving the team to play with the Los Angeles Angels.

Those comments quickly turned personal and vile, and Mrs. Hamilton grew concerned over their safety, so she called in security. Mrs. Hamilton displayed class and did not ask for anyone to be removed from the game. Rather, she asked for security to remain present to temper the fans.

"She had to call security just because people were getting ugly,'' Josh Hamilton said before Saturday's game. "It's cool to get ragged on about normal things, but when you get a little swearing and jawing back at Katie and saying inappropriate things, it's a little different story.

"They were saying personal stuff, stuff that was inappropriate with kids around. It's a good lesson for the kids, just about people in general and not putting faith in them, but the man upstairs.''

The Texas Rangers have never won a world series but came very close in 2011 losing to the St. Louis Cardinals in game seven. In the 2012 season, Texas made it to the wild-card game losing easily to Baltimore 5-1.

Fans had hoped that Texas would have another shot at the World Series and were disappointed when star Josh Hamilton left the team to play with the Angels who offered him a five-year $125 million contract. Josh Hamilton explained he was expecting Texas fans to boo him, but he didn't think they would take out their frustrations on his family.

Hamilton said he didn't think it upset his children and called the hostile reception "a good lesson for the kids about people in general."

"It was cool; they weren't upset when they got home,'' Hamilton said. "They kissed me and hugged me, and brought friends over. They played on a trampoline, and I jumped on the trampoline with them. It was just like any other game coming home, and I was treating it like that.''

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