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Alison Brie Memes Go Viral (PICS)



Alison Brie Recreates Internet Memes4

Alison Brie Recreates Internet Memes3

Alison Brie Recreates Internet Memes2

Alison Brie Recreates Internet MemesAllison Brie Turns Her Face Into Popular Memes

Recently, Allison Brie of Community and Mad Men fame appeared on with Paul F. Tompkins. Brie is known for her bubbly and outgoing personality as evidenced by her television shows and interviews. Tompkins asked the actress to do her best impression of various memes from the Internet. During the interview, he held up photos of each meme, and Brie responded with her best impressions.

Brie twisted her face in various ways to create her impressions. This included impressions of Grumpy Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriend, and Gersberms Girl. In fact, she created some unsexy GIFs to balance out all of the sexy ones created by Internet users. All of these images and GIFs are sure to provide a gold mine for these same users. Brie is a popular figure with the Internet after all.

Without a doubt, Brie contorted her face to perfectly match some of those memes. She probably won't replace any of the actual ones, though. The Internet still holds her in high esteem for her beauty and overall quirkiness regardless. In the future, we might be treated to her impression attempts at other memes. She could nail down quite a few others with relative ease.

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