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Swift disgusted by Bieber Gomez PDA (PHOTO)



Swift's Disgusted Reaction at Justin Bieber And Selina Gomez PDA

[caption id="attachment_66219" align="aligncenter" width="526"]Swift's Disgusted Reaction at Justin Bieber And Selina Gomez PDA Swift's Disgusted Reaction at Justin Bieber And Selina Gomez PDA[/caption]Taylor Swift Gets Gag Reflex as Gal-Pal Selena Gomez Kisses Bieber

Tabloids are buzzing with the word that 23-year-old country superstar Taylor Swift had a less than tactful response to seeing her girlfriend Selena Gomez give her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber a kiss on the cheek.

Gomez, age 20, broke up with Bieber on New Year's Eve and the two have been on odd terms with one another since then. However, both seemed to be in a celebratory mood backstage at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony.

Perhaps, it was more of a customary greeting for Gomez as part of her Hispanic culture, but Swift made it visible she did not approve by sticking out her tongue in disgust.

The move may be somewhat puerile for the otherwise elegant Swift, but she is not one to ever take back a boyfriend once she breaks up with them. It may also be that she's looking watching out for her friend Gomez as the two are said to be "tight". It wasn't just a kiss either.

Bieber and Gomez spent up to five minutes talking with one another in what amounted to a brief "reunion" of sorts. Tabloids would love to hear about the two becoming an item again, but Gomez squashed any such rumors last week. For now, the two appear to be just friends.

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