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Malkovich Saved my life Claims Man In Toronto



Malkovich Saved my life Claims Man In Toronto

[caption id="attachment_66732" align="aligncenter" width="444"]Malkovich Saved my life Claims Man In Toronto Malkovich Saved my life Claims Man In Toronto (source Petr Novák, Wikipedia)[/caption]Man Credits Actor Malkovich With Saving His Life

Actor John Malkovich was in the right place at the right time in Toronto when a fellow visiting American fell and severely cut his neck after dining with his wife at P. J. O'Brien's Restaurant.

Jim Walpole, 77, told ABC News that he was unable to catch himself once he tripped outside the King Edward Hotel, where he and his wife were staying in downtown Toronto.

Walpole of Ohio was on the ground and bleeding after stumbling when two men, one of whom turned out to be actor John Malkovich, happened by and began emergency procedures. Although Walpole's wife is a registered nurse, she felt frozen by terror until the two men came to the couple's aid.

"My neck hit the scaffolding pole and there was a sharp thing sticking out on the bottom," he said. "My neck hit the thing that sticks out and tore it. I was really bleeding."

While one man applied pressure using a clean towel to Walpole's neck wound, the other worked to keep both husband and wife calm until an ambulance arrived. It turns out that one of his guardian angels was actor Malkovich, and the other was the owner of the restaurant, Ben Quinn.

Marilyn Walpole said that Malkovich was so calm and proficient, she thought he was a real life medical doctor. Both Walpole and his wife praised the actor and the restaurateur for coming to their aid so quickly.

“There was blood everywhere on the sidewalk; his face was full of blood, his clothes were soaked in blood … and he was moaning,” said Ms. Walpole.

“He really knew what he was doing; that’s why I thought he was a doctor,” said Ms. Walpole. “He had no qualms about getting blood all over him; that would be a real concern for some people.”

Quinn even visited Walpole at the hospital and Malkovich, who is in Toronto performing in a stage production, inquired about his progress and wrote the elderly man a personal get well note.

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