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Kristen Bell Proposes to Dax Shepard Via Twitter



[caption id="attachment_67006" align="aligncenter" width="420"]Kristen Bell Proposes to Dax Shepard Via Twitter Kristen Bell Proposes to Dax Shepard Via Twitter (photo courtesy Mingle MediaTV)[/caption]Kristen Bell Proposes to Dax Shepard Via Twitter

Actress Kristin Bell, of "Veronica Mars" fame, was true to her word. Bell and her longtime boyfriend Dax Shepard have claimed for years that they would never get married until there was equal rights for everyone to marry. The couple have been some of the biggest advocates equality for all to get married.

Bell has said in interviews that she would feel guilty about taking advantage of her right to get married when so many of her gay and lesbian friends do not have the same freedom.

"The reason we’re not rushing to get married is because I don’t feel appropriate taking advantage of a right that’s denied to my [gay and lesbian] friends. That’s why we’ve been so hesitant,” Bell told The Advocate in 2012.

After Wednesday's Supreme Court rulings that struck down Proposition 8, Bell must have thought that her point was made and she sent a proposal to Shepard via the social media application Twitter. Very simply the Tweet "will you marry me? Xo" She included the hashtags #marriageequality and #loveislove.

Shepard replied, @daxshepard1: “F**k Yes!!!!!!!!!!!”

Also tweeting, “DOMA is dead. Prop 8 is dead. Now let’s bring my big, gay marriage to @IMKristenBell to Life!!!!”

It has been quite a year for the superstar couple. They welcomed their first child to the world in March when they delivered a baby girl, Lincoln Shepard. They also have collected a record amount of private donor funds to finance a "Veronica Mars" feature film. In May, Shepard learned that his critically acclaimed television drama, "Parenthood", was renewed for a fifth season.

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