Ginamarie Zimmerman Fired For Racist Comments: Big Brother Fallout Continues

Ginamarie Zimmerman Fired: Fallout Continues
Ginamarie Zimmerman Fired: Fallout Continues
Fallout Continues for Expelled Contestants of “Big Brother” Show

For the two former contestants who expressed racist and homophobic sentiments on the set of the reality TV show “Big Brother”, the fallout from their comments will be far reaching.

Both Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman were summarily expelled from the show by CBS after the live feed showed the two sharing offensive remarks with one another about the Asian, African-American, and homosexual contestants.

Now, both young women are finding out how difficult modern society can be when it places near felon-like employment status or near sex offender status on people guilty of uttering politically incorrect statements.

Obviously both women need to work through their animosity towards people of diverse backgrounds, but the statements they uttered have also made them toxic to industries that thrive on public image. Gries was released by her modelling agency following the comments she made.

Now, the East Coast Pageant company which employs Zimmerman has terminated her over her remarks. The East Coast Pageant hold competitions for young girls to express the talents and inner beauty.

East Coast USA Tells TMZ, GinaMarie has been an employee for 5 years — but insist, “We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past.”

The pageant says, “We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants.”

“In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal.”

Zimmerman’s comments are completely out of harmony with the mission statement of the company. In terminating Zimmerman, the pageant company called her racist comments “unforgivable behavior” – strong words in deed.

CBS has addressed the recent use of racial and homophobic slurs on Big Brother 15, insisting that the network does not condone such behavior.

“Big Brother is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7, and seeing every moment of their lives,” the network said.

“At times, the houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone.”

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23 thoughts on “Ginamarie Zimmerman Fired For Racist Comments: Big Brother Fallout Continues

  1. Avatar

    geo whetstine

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    So CBS does not want a reality show at all. No honesty, no spontaneity, NO REALITY! They really want a scripted show with them writing the script. Sounds like most CBS NEWS shows.

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    It is so nice to be nice to all people from all walks of life if we use this as our motto in life , guess what, we will never be in this predicament. Pretty rich or????

  3. Avatar

    sharon young

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    people should have their freedom of speech. It is a reality show. The reality is people think things in the heat of the moment or even longer. Freedom of speech allowed all kinds to express their desire to live the lives they want. I don’t condone but I don’t judge them for a statement either. Our son is gay and I Love him and his partner. We don’t condone his choice but we accept it. It took some time though. Everyone needs adjustment to new things which includes culture, looks, smells, beliefs, and sexuality. Pretty soon everyone will want to know everyones thoughts. Bottom line it is a reality show not church!!!

  4. Avatar

    no matter who are everyone is going to have something to say but if you think about it there is someone out there is still not going to like it whether their black or white or whatever race it will still be the same a race war.

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      According to the witnesses testimony, this is perfectly acceptable lingo for certain areas of the good ol’ U.S. of A.

  5. Avatar

    Brookes Harrington

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    Will every one calm down over this? It’s supposed to be a reality show, so some people have an ugly side. Please do not pretend like any of you people out there have said something stupid/pig-headed/or even racist before! I am by NO means racist but there have a few times that I say something stupid/racist. Maybe as a joke or in the heat of the moment. I’m not saying these girls are not racist but get off your high horses. No one is perfect. Even if they are racist they don’t deserve to be kicked off the show. It’s a “reality” show after all.

  6. Avatar

    What people say and what they do, are separate. Every day hundreds of millions smile and state what is politically accepted then do evil to the very same people. I would rather be living next to a person who says what he feels about a race of people. But then votes for a black President because he’s a party member and treats the people he made raciest statements about as he himself would want to be treated. It’s what a person does in life not what he says that makes him who he his. Every day a Jesus Bible waving Christian, stands up and votes to eliminate health care coverage for people. That to me is evil. I don’t like just about everybody. But I want everybody to go to sleep at night with a nice roof over their head, sleep peacefully knowing their family’s needs are taking care of, medical, education, and everyone has a chance to make a better life for themselves. You don’t have to like everyone. But your an evil person if you don’t love everyone. Chatham Sebastian

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    For those who would like to throw “free speech” around but have never actually read it, the other amendments or the Bill of Rights please read the following:

    The main exceptions to free speech protection include:
    Defamation (includes libel and slander): discussed in greater depth below.
    Obscenity: The Supreme Court test for obscenity is as follows: (a) whether the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest; (b) whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law; and (c) whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.
    Fighting words: As defined by the Supreme Court, fighting words are “those which by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace.”
    Causing panic: The classic example of speech causing panic is someone yelling “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater. Speech may be suppressed where a reasonable person would know that his speech is likely to cause panic and/or harm to others.
    Incitement to crime: Speech that spurs another to commit a crime.
    Sedition: Speech that advocates unlawful conduct against the government or the violent overthrow of the government.

    In other words, you cannot just spout out the first thing that comes to mind. Racial slurs constitute “fighting words” and are not protected by free speech.

  8. Avatar

    Yes, these two ladies utilized their amendment right to free speech.

    There is also a thing in life called consequences. There is another thing in business called “Branding” and at will employment. Anyone who doesn’t understand or approve of these companies letting these two young ladies go obviously lives a sheltered business life.

    Get with it people. These women chose a pretty unintelligent set of words, and as a result are now unemployed. It happens everyday, and for good reason. No company wants such ignorant, or immature words representing their brand. I know I don’t.

    Thank you for your time served but it would be in OUR companies best interest to separate our business’ brand from your personal one. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  9. Avatar

    For all you who say freedom of speech and this is a reality show, the problem is CBS is now airing the racism, they are sanitizing the show on the network and not showing who these people really are

  10. Avatar


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    People talk about “She has a right to freedom of speech.” Yeah you’re right, but there are consequences for the things you say, remember that. You can’t jokingly threatened to kill the president or jokingly talk about blowing something up. A person is entitled to what they say, but you have to watch what you say especially on TV.

  11. Avatar

    As I read some of these comments I am truly scared for our children’s future. The comments made by this woman are unacceptable and appalling.

  12. Avatar

    Of course they had the right to say whatever they wanted! So the stupid women said the N-and-F-words…and then CBS said “Bitches, begone!”

  13. Avatar

    This is all an effort to further divide the country! All these firings are designed to turn Whites further against Blacks. CBS and the companies that’s mistreated Paula don’t give a hoot about Blacks or how we feel. Crackers on the Supreme Court and in Congress want to take us back to the 60’s when Blacks had no rights. White people should turn on CBS and others not on Blacks.

  14. Avatar

    Reply to Ms Tracy Johnson….. Well for starters, what the hell did you just write …or try to… When I born…????
    Skin color has nothing to do with it…. culture, history, and entitlement does it… move into a white hood and watch the prices drop… why? nobody wants to live next door to slobs… just call it part of your culture…we call it price dropping ….

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