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Warlow True Blood Identity Finally Revealed (SPOILERS)



[caption id="attachment_67471" align="aligncenter" width="306"]Rob Kazinsky as Ben Flynn in season 6 of 'True Blood.' Rob Kazinsky as Ben Flynn in season 6 of 'True Blood.'[/caption]Spoiler Ahead: True Blood Warlow Reveal

Last night's episode of True Blood, appropriately titled “At Last,” revealed the identity of Warlow, the vampire who made a pact with a Stackhouse ancestor for the rights to the first fae-born female, a.k.a. Sookie.

His identity has been a secret since last season when he appeared as an apparition in Sookie's bathroom.

The creators of True Blood didn't wait to make the reveal and, as many surmised since this season began, it is Ben Flynn.

Yes. True Blood now has fairy vampires!

The 29-year-old British actor simply thought he was reading a part to play a faerie. "My intention from the beginning of this was to add some masculinity to the word 'faerie,'" he told Rolling Stone. "I went in [to the audition] as burly as I possibly could be. Thankfully I don't have to wear gossamer wings or chaps." But the producers had a different, more devilish trick up their sleeve. A few weeks into shooting, he showed up for work one day and his costume rack read "Ben/Warlow." "I got my phone out and called the producer and said 'Excuse me, but am I Warlow?' And he said 'Yeah, you are.'" It was at that moment he realized that his role on the popular HBO series had instantly doubled up. Not only was he going to be playing Ben the faerie (and new love interest of Sookie Stackhouse), he'd be portraying one of the show's dreaded villains, who's been mentioned over the last two seasons and is the known killer of Sookie's parents.

The episode closed in a spectacular fashion with Sookie, arguably for the first time since Season 2, showing the best of her fighting spirit. She spiked Ben's dinner with silver and then gave him the opportunity to come clean. When he tried to play her, she made out with him just long enough to create an energy ball. Sookie then told him to get off her or she would kill him, and whispered his real name as the perfectly chosen strains of Ella James “At Last” played in the background.

After all, how many times has Sookie believed she found love only to discover the source was a lie?

What did you think of Rob Kazinsky’s Warlow in True Blood?

[caption id="attachment_67473" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Warlow’s True Blood big reveal on last night’s episode of the HBO vampire drama was the subject of a lot of chatter — much of it from interviews with actor Robert Kazinsky himself. Warlow’s True Blood big reveal on last night’s episode of the HBO vampire drama was the subject of a lot of chatter — much of it from interviews with actor Robert Kazinsky himself.[/caption]
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