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Kings of Leon streaker Storms Stage At Concert



[caption id="attachment_67601" align="aligncenter" width="303"]Kings of Leon streaker Kings of Leon streaker[/caption]Southern Rock Band Kings of Leon Get Streaker at Concert

Birmingham, England - the US rock group "Kings of Leon" got a surprise during their concert Tuesday night at the LG Arena when a streaker showed up.

The band of brothers (all four members of the group a brothers) took the moment in stride. Band member Jared tweeted a picture against the caption implying that letting your body parts hang out is not what the group had in mind by a popular song of theirs with the words "Dump 'Em Out".

Band member Nathan expressed a desire that the streaker make another appearance at their Wednesday night gig at the same arena owing to the fact that they owe the man a brew.

Initially, the incident stunned the group as it was quite unexpected. The streaker actually arrived fully clothed and then disrobed prior to crowd surfing which would make for quite the scene.

The practice of streaking goes back to 1799 which was done as a dare between friends. The practice took off during the early 1970s with a wave of streaking occurring at Austin State University in 1973 and culminating with a streaker at the 46th Annual Academy Awards the following year.

It has re-emerged with the ultra-feminist group FEMEN using the tactic for political purposes.

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Kings of Leon stunned by male streaker at show

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