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Royal Baby Due Date Is Next Week, Maybe



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Baby Watch Hysteria Grows as Royal Baby Due Any Day

The first baby to be born from the marriage of Prince William and Lady Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge respectively, has the world watching.

Everyone hopes for the same things any expectant couple wants: a healthy baby with two eyes, ten fingers and ten toes. However, this particular baby is of great interest as it will be third in line to the throne of England. The role of king or queen is largely titular these days, but it matters deeply to the British and many other countries are deeply fond of the royal family.

The Duchess of Cambridge is not making any public appearances as she awaits the impending labor and delivery of her first child. Her husband is performing his duties in the military in North Wales.

He is a trained helicopter pilot in search and rescue and is ready to return home at a moment’s notice. Paparazzi are camped outside of the hospital and other strategic locations in the hopes of getting the money shot. Any picture of the Duchess in labor or en route to the hospital will surely fetch a nice price with the tabloids.

It is without doubt that there will soon be cause to celebrate in England.

According to SmellyDiaper.Com


Kate Middleton is 270 Days Pregnant!
You are 98.54% Through Your Pregnancy, only 4 days to go!
Estimated Conception Date:October 21, 2012
End of your first trimester:January 21, 2013
End of second trimester:April 21, 2013
Your Due Date:July 21, 2013
Fetal Age:270 Days Old

When do you think the royal baby will arrive?

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