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Beyonce tells fan to ‘put that damn camera down’ During Concert



[caption id="attachment_67921" align="aligncenter" width="236"]Beyonce tells fan to 'put that damn camera down' During Concert Beyonce tells fan to 'put that damn camera down' During Concert[/caption]Beyonce Criticizes Fan For Constant Filming

Celebrities are used to constantly having cameras shoved in their face, but singer Beyoncé made her dissatisfaction about the practice perfectly clear during a recent concert performance in Atlanta.

The singer was attempting to encourage audience participation by means of a sing-along to the lyrics of "Irreplacable" when she noticed that one fan in the front row wasn't joining in the singing because he was continuing to hold up his camera in order to film the concert. Beyoncé quickly stood in front of the camera-toting fan and chided the concert-goer for not being in the moment and actually experiencing the concert because he was too busy filming it to watch at a later date.

Beyoncé then chided the fan for being "too busy taping" and not participating in the sing-along, and instructed him to "seize the moment" because Beyoncé was right here, right now, in front of his face live, and that he should immediately "put that damn camera down."

You can't even sing cause you're too busy taping," she said as he offered a meek version of a line from "Irreplaceable."

"I am in your face, baby. You gotta seize the moment," she added.
Beyonce then gave him another chance to sing a line, and he did so with gusto.
"Yes, that's much better," she announces.

The singer then shoved her microphone in front of the fan's face and he complied with her wishes to sing along with the song's lyrics rather than continue to record the event. Beyoncé then told the entire audience to put away their cameras and pay attention to singing.

The camera-holder isn't the first fan to flub the "Irreplaceable" lyrics. Earlier this year at Beyoncé's London show, Princess Eugenie was a bit shellshocked when she was picked to sing along. In the front row alongside James Middleton and his rumored girlfriend Donna Air, the 23-year-old royal couldn't come up with, "To the left, to the left." Put on the spot, Eugenie reportedly mouthed the words, saying nothing, then ducked to the ground and hid.

"It was hilarious," a fellow attendee told U.K.'s Mirror. "She was really excitable and filming the whole thing on her iPhone like any other fan." (Eugenie should consider herself lucky Bey didn't tell her to put that damn camera down!)

"Beyoncé clearly didn't recognize her," added the concertgoer. "So when it came to 'Irreplaceable,' and the part where she picks on an audience member to join in with her, she simply chose the first woman she could reach."

According to E!, the princess's friends were "teasing her about her stage fright for hours afterwards."

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