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Justin Bieber Spitting Incident: Did Beebs Spit In DJ’s Face?



[caption id="attachment_68004" align="aligncenter" width="493"]Justin Bieber spitting Incident:  Did Beebs Spit In DJ's Face? Justin Bieber spitting Incident: Did Beebs Spit In DJ's Face?[/caption]Justin Bieber Accused of Spitting in a Man's Face

The ubiquitous eyes of tabloid site TMZ are reporting a story out of Colmbus, Ohio, involving teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

The latest saga in a growing list of irresponsible behavior from the increasing entitled young man says Bieber spit in the face of a local disk jockey at the Social Room nightclub, reports TMZ.

This venue is for adults age 21 and older making Bieber's presence there illegal. The DJ believes that Biebers underage presence is what sparked the controversy. The DJ was enjoying drinks after his performance when he was approached by two of Biebers hand-picked muscle heads who accused him of secretly taking photographs of the young singer while he enjoyed a quiet evening in the VIP lounge.

"Two of Bieber's bouncers approached me and said that I was trying to take photos," the DJ told the "Dave and Jimmy" hosts. The men then took his phone and searched it, but found nothing. Nevertheless, Biebs apparently wasn't buying it.

"As I got pulled aside, [Bieber] confronts me, looks right in my face, says a couple choice words, and then spits in my face and then walks off," he added. "I was just completely stunned. I couldn't really react to it."

Bieber's bouncers confiscated the DJ's cell phone and perused it for pictures of the singer. Upon finding no photographs, they returned the phone and reported back to their boss.

Apparently, they must have told Bieber that the DJ was on the hunt for a "money shot" because moments later Bieber was in the man's face making references to the his parents using expletives.

Bieber followed up with an sample of his spittle in man's face.

The man subsequently took a hepatitus exam and plans to sue the singer.

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Justin Bieber Accused Of Spitting In DJ's Face At Ohio Nightclub (UPDATE)

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