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Ben Fogle’s Sister Gives Birth Same Day As Kate



Ben Fogle's Sister Gives Birth A Day After Kate


Ben Fogle's sister, Tamara, gave birth to a son a day after The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her own baby boy. Although Duchess Kate and Tamara were admitted at the same time Tamara's labor seemed to have been a bit more complicated, as Tamara's labor went on a full day longer than Kate's.

As London was celebrating the birth of George, Kate's new baby boy, Ben Fogle announced to the world that his sister had given birth to son of her own via twitter. Fogle tweeted 'Like buses. You wait for ages and then two come along at the same time.......#theotherbaby.' The tweet was a reference to Kate and Tamara being admitted on the same day, before it was discovered his sister would be facing a complicated delivery. The following day Ben posted, ‘One of those buses is still stuck in traffic. Ouch #theotherbaby.’

Eventually Tamara pulled through, and she and her son are now resting healthily. Meanwhile, Ben will be returning to training for his attempt to swim the Atlantic in 100 days. During which, he will be expected to spend at least 12 hours a day in water. Let's hope Ben comes through his test of endurance as well as Tamara came through.



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