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tommy nichols croc: 4.8m croc caught Down Under



[caption id="attachment_68130" align="aligncenter" width="650"]tommy nichols croc: 4.8m croc caught Down Under tommy nichols croc: 4.8m croc caught Down Under[/caption]Tommy Nichols Croc Warrior from Down Under

In the saltwater regions of Australia there are enormous, deadly crocodiles that are afraid of neither man nor beast. These fearless creatures go after a human as readily as any smaller animal. The Australian government once had to work to keep these saltwater crocodiles from becoming extinct and now Tommy Nichols is the "go-to" man when these huge crocodiles are on the prowl.

Tommy Nichols is considered the croc warrior for the Australian Outback. He heads a team of men and women who trap, relocate and battle these fearsome saltwater beasts. The action definitely heats up during the dry weather months. Once water is is short supply a saltwater crocodile moves further inland searching for food which means that these animals will press closer to human homes and communities.

These crocs can measure 21 ft in length and may weigh as much as a ton. Winning the battle is never a sure deal, even for an experienced croc hunter. Tommy has to use his wits if he hopes to beat the overpowering tenacity and strength of each watery adversary.

You can follow the exploits of Tommy Nichols and The Croc Catchers on the History Channel as they use speed, skill, experience and guts to go after these Australian saltwater crocodiles. Tommy has already lost two of his fingers amidst some of these battles, yet his desire to protect remains as strong as ever. His arsenal includes some rope, a large amount of duct tape, a specialized boat and his dedicated team members.

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