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Liam Gallagher love child discovery



Gallagher's Wonderwall Crashing With Discovery of Love Child

This past week has been a busy one for Liam Gallagher as news broke that he is the father of a lovechild with New York Times journalist Liza Ghorbani. The pair apparently had a fling three years ago while he was married to Nicole Appleton, the former All Saints singer.

The child was born seven months ago and a paternity test has confirmed that Gallagher is in fact the dad. The truth came to light when Ghorbani went public with demands for child support from Gallagher suing him for a whopping three million.

Gallagher already has three children, including a 12 year old with Appleton. It appears his marriage is likely over at the moment as he continued to party in Ibiza before returning home to London after the news broke while his wife chose to stay in Florida on vacation.

Appleton has been spotted without her wedding ring and her mother has commented that the wedding is over. Gallagher has been spotted hanging out around London taking a casual run and talking to his brother. Gallagher has not made an official statement on the child or on his marriage, but his father has stated that he believes the marriage can be saved.

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