Angelina Jolie Explains Her tattoos “prayer for the wild at heart” (PHOTO)

Angelina Jolie Explains Her tattoos "prayer for the wild at heart"
Angelina Jolie Explains Her tattoos “prayer for the wild at heart”
Deconstructing Angelina Jolie’s Tattoos Such as “Prayer for the Wild At Heart”

Angelina Jolie, the lovely and talented actress and mother of six, has quite the tattoos strategically placed on her body.

The star of the “Lara Croft” franchise series has on her left arm the title of a Tennessee Williams story from the play called “Stairs to the Roof”. The story title on her left arm is “A Prayer for the Wild of Heart, Kept in Cages”. The Williams story describes a man trapped in the drudgery of day to day life who yearns for more than a routine of sleeping, eating, and working.

The character, believing there is a better experience for him, decides to break away from the monotony hence the conclusion that he his wild at heart, but restrained by the cage of society. It’s actually a theme that many others have added to their bodies via tattoos.

As for Jolie, she also has a Buddhist incantation along her back which translated into English means that wherever she goes she will be attended to, protected, and served. Jolie has returned back to the public eye following her double-mastectomy several months ago. She remains confident and attractive. In the photograph, she sported a low cut black top.

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