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royal baby portrait released after being leaked (PHOTO)



[caption id="attachment_69018" align="aligncenter" width="570"]royal baby portrait released after being leaked (PHOTO) royal baby portrait released after being leaked (PHOTO)[/caption]

Royal Baby Pictures Leaked, Then Released

The first family portraits of the Royal Family following the birth of Prince George have been released today although a leak made them available to the public a few hours before their official release. For a couple of hours this morning the internet was abuzz with curiosity over a set of photos published on Twitter that were thought to be the first Royal Baby pictures.

It only took a few more hours for Buckingham Palace to officially release the official family portraits cementing the fact that the leaked photos were in fact the real thing.
It is not known who leaked them onto Twitter, but they are astounding for two reasons.

The first of which is the fact that instead of choosing to have a professional photographer capture the magic of the new Royal Baby, the couple choose Kate’s father Michael Middleton to take the pictures.

The decision to forgo a more formal format is characteristic of how the royal couple treat their stature. As William stated strongly to CNN today in his first televised interview since Georgie's birth, "I'm as independent as I want to be, same as Catherine and Harry. We've all grown up differently to other generations, and I very much feel that if I can do it myself, I'm going to do it myself."

They are also unique because the couple by stepped a royal setting and chose to use the Middleton’s garden as a backdrop for the photos.

The two portraits feature Prince William and Duchess Catherine with Prince George in Kate’s arms. Also In the second photo the couple’s pet cocker spaniel Lupo also makes an appearance in Prince William’s lap.

Gwaker Describes one of the photos:

A beautiful flowy-haired Cocker Spaniel smiles with serene vacancy, as though she has recently grasped an injured woodcock in her powerful jaws and shaken it by its feathered neck until dead. Only as the bird's lifeless body fell slack, clenched between her gleaming white teeth, did finally understand what is meant by the human term "inner peace." She's holding Prince George; Prince William and the family dog Lupo are there too.

The CNN interview that aired was a preview of a one-hour documentary Prince William's Passion: New Hope, New Father airing on CNN September 15 at 10 pm ET.

[caption id="attachment_69017" align="aligncenter" width="500"]royal baby portrait released royal baby portrait released[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_69016" align="aligncenter" width="500"]royal baby portrait released royal baby portrait released[/caption]

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