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North West revealed On Twitter (PHOTO)



North West revealed

[caption id="attachment_69201" align="aligncenter" width="512"]North West revealed North West revealed[/caption]

Kanye West's son North West revealed


Everyone out there was wondering how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would release the first photo of their daughter. On the set of Kiss Jenner's talk show, Kanye West brought with him a photo of his baby girl North West. He decided it would be cool to show off the baby picture on her grandmothers talk show.

Kanye West has said that his new family has given him a new lease on life. (ABC News)

When Kanye West's mother died, it was hard for him to find a reason to keep going on. With the loss of his closest family connection, his life spun out of control for sometime. Kayne says that he has a whole new family to live for. This new baby really has given him a whole new reason to live. (People Magazine)

Kim Kardashian also made her first post baby appearance on the Kris Jenner show. She has been out of the public eye since the birth of her new baby. She appeared on the talk show via secret video message. She only revealed her face, but it looked like she was doing very well and was happy to have been on the show. (Hollywood Life)

Meanwhile, the new mom is trying to get her famous figure back.

In a report by Star magazine, a source claims that Kim is working hard at trying to regain her form, starting with eating a mere 1200 calories a day and enlisted the help of a personal chef to make her meal and calorie goals a more consistent and viable approach.

Critics insist a breastfeeding mother should consume far more than the allotted 1200 calories Kim is reportedly ingesting. However, as with many celebrities who enlist the services of personal chefs and trainers, health is the most important of all considerations and it has to be assumed that her support staff is giving the best of care, in this instance.

While it may be a bit on the extreme side, the results have, purportedly, paid off. Kim is scheduled to reveal her post-baby figure on her mother, Kris Jenner's, television talk show. With healthy baby in tow, no doubt the fans and mothers looking for similar results will be watching and hanging onto every word, as she tells her diet and workout secrets.

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