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Jennifer Lopez Stalker Stayed In Pool House For 6 Days (PHOTO)



Arrested: John Dubis, pictured, was finally spotted by staff and arrested.

[caption id="attachment_69313" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Arrested: John Dubis, pictured, was finally spotted by staff and arrested. Arrested: John Dubis, pictured, was finally spotted by staff and arrested.[/caption]Accused Stalker Stayed At Lopez's Home For Days

49-year-old, John Dubis, has been arrested for allegedly stalking and camping out in the pool shed of Jennifer Lopez's 10 million dollar Southampton home. He was reportedly crashing on the couch for six days before Lopez's security found the man. During his time camped out on the Lopez property, Dubis took various shots of the estate and posted them online under the name, David A Lopez. In addition to posting multiple disturbing photos, he included commentary talking about his wife "J Lo" and stating that "Jenny always sending me love."

Dubis was arrested on August 9 and charged with second degree burglary, first degree criminal contempt, two misdemeanors, fourth degree stalking and possession of burglar tools. He has been taken for psychiatric evaluation and is due to appear in court on August 28.

Lopez was not at home during the alleged six days that Dubis was there. Lopez already had a previous restraining order taken out against Dubis from an earlier incident where Dubis managed to contact Lopez's mother and stated that he was her son. Shocked that someone was able to stay undetected on her property for almost a week, Lopez is reviewing her home's security system.

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