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victoria beckham is apparently against airbrush photos (PIC)



[caption id="attachment_69406" align="aligncenter" width="310"]victoria beckham is against airbrush photos victoria beckham is against airbrush photos[/caption]

Victoria Beckham's photos excessively airbrushed


Fashion icon and pop singer, Vitcoria Beckham, apparently needs more touching up in her photographs than she'd prefer.

"The womenswear designer finds it "embarrassing" when her photographs are excessively retouched and insists she doesn't need to hide her age," the Sun Daily reported. Beckham stated that she doesn't want to be made to look like she's 25, when she's actually 39.

With the successful launch of her e-commerce store last month, Beckham is making a stand against a fashion that demands an excess of unnatural alterations. "I find it embarrassing when you don't look like yourself, when you've had tons of retouching," she stated.

According to Business Standard Beckham said that "I just wanted to create beautiful clothes, good quality clothes I wanted to wear myself.." She said the in regards to her recent launch, she wants to create an empire.

Beckham predominantly rose to fame with the all female group, The Spice Girls. She dubbed the name Posh Spice by July of 1996. She has released two best selling books - one her biography and the other a fashion book.

In July of 1999, she married her husband and retired football player, David Beckham. She is set to open a standalone Victoria Beckham boutique on Dover Street, in Mayfair London.

[caption id="attachment_68661" align="aligncenter" width="270"]victoria beckham is against airbrush photos victoria beckham is against airbrush photos[/caption]


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