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Entertainment Roundup: Bullock’s Loves Clooney, Jurassic Park 4 Gets A Name



Entertainment Roundup: Bullock's Loves Clooney, Jurassic Park 4 Gets A Name

[caption id="attachment_70022" align="aligncenter" width="548"]Entertainment Roundup:  Bullock's Loves Clooney, Jurassic Park 4 Gets A Name Entertainment Roundup: Bullock's Loves Clooney, Jurassic Park 4 Gets A Name[/caption]Actress Bullock's Son Forms Friendship with Actor Clooney

Actress Sandra Bullock's 3-year old son, Louis, managed to make a new friend on the set of his mother's most recent movie, "Gravity."

Bullock brought Louis to the set of the space travel themed film so often that the youngster formed a close bond with Bullock's heartthrob co-star, George Clooney. Bullock adopted her son following her widely-publicized break-up with cheating spouse Jessie James, whom she has since divorced.

Bullock reports that her son says that Clooney is a "cool dude" and has also grown fond of several other male figures hanging around the set, including filmmaker Alonso Cuaron and actor Rande Gerber.

Bullock says that she gets the distinct impression that if given a choice between spending more time with mom or hanging out with Clooney and the other guys making the film, young Louis would opt for spending his free time with the fellows. Mom Bullock called Louis a "boy's boy."

In fact, Louis missed his interactions with Clooney and the other guys so much after filming ended that he frequently pestered Bullock with questions about what the fellows were up to. Bullock finally gave in and set up a time for Clooney and Gerber to hang out together again with their little friend.

Mario Lopez Announces Birth of Son

Television host and superstar Mario Lopez along with his wife, Courtney, have made the official announcement that they have given birth to their second child, a baby boy that they have named Dominic. The couple didn’t want to know the sex of the new baby until it was born. Mario announced via Twitter on Monday evening exclaiming “It’s a Boy!” and followed it up with the announcement of his new son’s name. Mario and Courtney Lopez already have a two year old daughter, Gia Francesca.

With a new mouth to feed Mario Lopez will immediately return to work his television hosting jobs on “The X Factor” and “Extra”. Mario Lopez has been able to avoid the curse of being a child star. He started working in Hollywood before he was ten years old and filmed several tv commercials and made guest appearances on television staples such as “The Golden Girls”. His biggest role was also the one that made him a teen heartthrob when he suited up as high school athlete, A.C. Slater, on the NBC sitcom “Saved by the Bell”. He worked on that series for over five seasons and even reprised the Slater role on the prime time spin-off “Saved by the Bell: The College Years” and several TV movies.

Mario and Courtney Lopez were married in December of 2012.

Actress Remini Loses Friends After Defecting from Scientology
Actress Leah Remini admits that her decision to finally break with the Church of Scientology has cost her numerous friendships. During a recent interview with talk show host Ellen Degeneres, Remini admits that all of her former friends who are still active members of Scientology, including actress Kirstie Alley, are now forbidden from even speaking to her. Her defection from the Church over a number of issues she has since made public, has cost her dozens of friends.

But Remini said she felt encouraged that both she and her family still have numerous friends outside of the church, who have provided both love and support during the weeks since she defected. Remini revealed that all she ever knew since being a very young girl she was taught by Scientology because her mother brought the family into the church at a very young age. The actress said that as she matured, she began to question certain things that were happening, including some questionable behavior on the part of the church's leaders, leaving both Remini and her family to make the life-changing decision to official quit their affiliation with Scientology. She feels that breaking with the church has only made her family ties stronger.

The Good and The Bad for Jurassic Park Lovers

For Jurassic Park fans, this week brought good news, but not without a bit of bad news, too. The good news is that Universal Pictures announced Tuesday a definitive release date, June 12, 2015, for the much-anticipated fourth Jurassic Park film entitled Jurassic World. The bad news is that 2015 is a year later than moviegoers were originally led to believe; as recently as this past May, the release date had been for 2014, and so the wait continues.

If the wait weren’t enough bad news for Jurassic lovers, there is potentially worse news on the horizon. Although Jurassic Park 4 has some Hollywood heavy hitters on the roster—Colin Trevorrow as director, Safety Not Guaranteed’s Derek Connolly as writer, and legendary Steven Spielberg as producer—and it will be shot in 3-D, everything else about this film is still a mystery.

So the waiting continues, but while we are waiting, we are also left wondering if the summer 2015 release will be a good decision for Jurassic Park. It seems Universal is adding Jurassic World to an already busy summer slate, including The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Independence Day 2, Star Wars: Episode VII, and the Man of Steel sequel. Will the fourth dinosaur adventure be able to complete against these sequels?

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