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Liam Hemsworth Already Dating Again After Split With Miley Cyrus?



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[caption id="attachment_69937" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Liam Hemsworth Already Dating Again After Split With Miley Cyrus? Liam Hemsworth Already Dating Again After Split With Miley Cyrus?[/caption]Actor Liam Hemsworth Confirms Breakup with Cyrus and Starts Dating Again

Liam Hemsworth, who began dating Miley Cyrus after the couple stared in movie "Last Song", has officially called off the engagement and moved on from his relationship from Cyrus. Many have been wondering what took him so long. It is quite obvious that the 20-year-old Cyrus is not ready for a committed long-term relationship with anyone but her mirror.

By all accounts, the relationship was already over by the time of Cyrus' twerking incident at the MTV VMA where she set out to make history through overtly raunchy behavior. However, that incident and the subsequent backlash, finally made her an embarrassment to this male dignity.

Hemsworth was recently seen spending time with his mother, the one woman he is guaranteed to be able to trust, as he nurses his wounds. The fatigue was visible on his countenance but in time he will recover.

As far as dating, Hemsworth hasn't wasted any time. He's been cozying up to 23-year-old Eiza Gonzalez, a singer & actress from Mexico. Perhaps, he'll find true love south of the border just like John "The Duke" Wayne did who was married thrice to Hispanic women from Panama, Mexico, and Peru. Either way, Hemsworth is young and has plenty of time to wait before settling down.

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Liam Hemsworth dating again?

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