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dr drew reveals two year long batter with cancer



[caption id="attachment_71049" align="alignright" width="300"]Dr. Drew Pinsky COURTESY DR. DREW PINSKY Dr. Drew Pinsky
COURTESY DR. DREW PINSKY[/caption]Dr. Drew Announces Prostate Cancer Surgery

Dr. Drew Pinsky will break from his usual discussion about other people's medical problems on his syndicated talk show when he is expected to announce his own bout with prostate cancer. Pinsky has already revealed to People Magazine that he chose to undergo surgery to address cancer of his prostate earlier this summer and has now been diagnosed as being cancer-free.

The "Dr. Drew on Call" host says he has suffered no ill effects from the surgery and admits that his sex drive is now normal, he has no problems with getting an erection and has suffered no bladder problems that are sometimes a side effect of prostate cancer surgery.

"Lo and behold, I have cancer," Pinsky, 55, tells PEOPLE. "I was doing Lifechangers" – a daytime show on The CW – "and my HLN show was going. My wife and I had this great relationship, very active sexually. This could screw everything up. It was a terrible feeling."

Pinsky underwent the removal of his prostate in July and was able to return to his normal work schedule within 2 weeks. He reports that he first noticed symptoms that something was not right with his prostate during a 2011 vacation. After his wife encouraged that he get a full medical scan, it was revealed that he had cancer of the prostate.

"I'm cancer-free," the host of HLN's Dr. Drew on Call (9 p.m. ET) says. "The erectile function is normal, sex drive is normal, bladder works normally. And I don't have to worry about prostate cancer."

Pinsky says he is proud that he finally dealt with the issue most men avoid and hopes that his coming forward will encourage other men with similar problems.

For more on Dr. Drew’s cancer diagnosis and how he dealt with it, watch The Dr. Oz Show on Wednesday.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, about 2 in 5 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetimes and 1 in 4 will die of the disease.

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